Darla's Journey

Darla's Journey

Short and Sweet Blogger! Your pet peeve?

by Darla McCammon on 03/11/19

I would love to hear about your pet peeve!  I think we all have something that irritates us to the point we want to force the person to take a class on better behavior and stop the irritation!  Does it drive you to distraction when someone peels their nails down to the quick?  How about the rude driver who speeds past you and then slows down?  Have you ever been bothered by someone who can't speak a sentence without adding 14 "You Knows" between every other word?  "I like, (you know) that new (you know) TV show for the (You know) best dancers?  Doesn't that drive you a little crazy?  What about the blogger who writes 15 pages with every detail about every moment since they got out of bed including their baby girl's not so cute t.o us, learning to go potty?

     I am promising to make this into a "Short and Sweet" blog.  You can check back once a week and find something to laugh about

Short and Sweet Blogger: Moving Along

by Darla McCammon on 01/22/18

Do you ever feel as if your life is at a standstill?  That you have tried your hardest to accomplish something and it never seems to happen?  You see other people gaining fame and fortune and it looks as if it just dropped into their lap?  You notice that these "others" often have the good fortune of being sponsored by a wealthy friend, or a famous acquaintance, or sometimes just plain good luck of being in the right place at the right time?  

Does that discourage you?  Well, the truth is, it IS discouraging when you feel your efforts are just as worthy of reward and yet you get passed by.  Sometimes you live in a community where it is not what you know as much as it is who you know that garners success (at least locally).

Yes, that is frustrating.  You open the daily newspaper or social media spot and see people gaining accolades who often do not deserve it.  Petty people are often propelled to the top by virtue of who their parents are, or how popular they were in high school, and it just does not seem fair does it?

We have a few choices when discouragement hits.  We can be jealous and hurt and bitter.  We can make ourselves look small by making jealous and bitter (and often true) comments.  We can retreat into our shell and not try so much to succeed any longer.  We can avoid the ones succeeding (or seeming to succeed--their is a difference).  

You may not believe me, but things really DO catch up with people.  Those undeserved successes will not continue indefinitely.  Truth will eventually ring out (I know...sometimes it seems to take forever...but it does come out).  Honest achievement will eventually be recognized.  Things happen if you are patient and continue to make your best efforts.  Sometimes it just means a new supervisor or boss comes in and recognizes your talent.  It may mean another opportunity or door is offered to you where your talent can shine.  Life may take you in a totally unexpected new direction where you have a very satisfying career...yes, these things do have a way of working themselves out.  

So, rather than allowing yourself to become disgruntled and bitter, just remind yourself, "my turn is coming...I just have to be patient, keep working, and wait for it to show up!.  I also need to remind you that a sovereign God is in control of everything.  He cares about what happens to you.  Trust Him.

Glo Magazine COVER!

by Darla McCammon on 05/09/16

We are very excited to announce that Darla's painting titled "End of Summer" along with a page about Darla's art work and her book "Diamond Bait"  are on the cover of the May issue of GLO Magazine available now at your newsstand.

More about this will be added to the artnews section of Darla's website.  Keep an eye out! 

Do you like Valentine's Day?....or Football!

by Darla McCammon on 02/08/16

This week we've all been exposed to the blitz in advertising and it has come in the form of buzz about the SuperBowl (this was the 50th anniversary for the event) or you have been inundated with requests to buy flowers, send flowers, buy chocolate, go out to dinner, and send Valentine cards.  Let me know if you like Valentine's Day and why.  Then, let me know if you like the Superbowl--and why.

I happen to be one of those people who enjoys both.  I like the sentimentality and sweetness and romance of valentine's day.  I just wrote a column this week about an artist named Horsley who did an amazing painting back in the 1800s titled "The morning of St. Valentine."  If  you like to learn new things go to Google and type it in.  You will see the painting.  Or, after this Thursday you can usually pick up my art column at one of the media outlets that carry it.  Inkfreenews.com usually has it on line and will have the painting along with it.  The Times Union of Warsaw Indiana also carries it, as does the Tribune News of South Whitley along with the countywide weekly called "The Paper."  Most of them carry the article and print the matching artwork I discuss in color.

Now you are asking, how could someone who loves all this syrupy sweetness and valentines stuff (and DeBrand Chocolate) also enjoy the roughness and sometimes coarsness of football?  Well, it's a little like this:  I think in life we need to be balanced.  We need to stretch ourselves and our minds and our creativity.  We need to be INTERESTED which makes us INTERESTING!  If my spouse enjoys football, I like to find out why.  What makes him tick.  What about football is enjoyable for him?  I started out knowing nothing about this sport.  Today, I know a lot, but I am still learning.  That game last night between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers was an amazing game.  I was on the edge of my seat watching and hoping for Payton Manning to go out as the champion and gentleman he has always portrayed.  I wanted his team to be on top.  Those Denver Defensive men protected Manning like he's never been protected and they went after the opposition like a mama bear saving her cub.   I had seen the braggadocio of the Panther quarterback.  Young, cocky, sure of himself, sore loser.   I wanted the more gracious quarterback to win.  He did and history was made.  It was a very gratifying game to watch.

Go learn something new this week.  You will be glad  you did.  How about starting by learning about the artist Horsley and his beautiful Valentine painting?


When did you have time to write that book?

by Darla McCammon on 01/30/16

I frequently get asked this question because most people who know me know that I already am very busy, serving on at least 4 boards and 2 other committees  simultaneously, including my own board for the Animal Welfare League where I am the Executive Director.  I also write several columns every weekend that appear the following week in several newspapers and on line papers.  In addition to this, I sing on the church praise team, So, yes, when did I have time to write my books? 

I most frequently write very early in the morning for about an hour each day.  I feel very fresh and alert at that time and often come up with concepts and ideas that just seem to flow.  I also have a converter I can plug into my vehicle and while John drives, I can hook up my laptop and type away while we are traveling.  I always write a lot while we are on vacation, and I try to squeeze in even more time on the days I have off work.

You would be surprised how much writing you can accomplish with this piecemeal approach.  It works for me, but it is most fulfilling when I have several days in a row and the house is already clean and I have quiet time all to myself when I can really dedicate myself to writing.  It is a great feeling of accomplishment to see those pages become complete.

Try giving yourself just an hour a day.  You will be thrilled at what you can achieve in that hour if you concentrate on your goal:  a completed book.

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