December 14, Buying for Too Many : Darla's Journey

December 14, Buying for Too Many

by Darla McCammon on 12/14/15

My family has grown and spread.  Giving everyone a gift became a virtual nightmare to accomplish so we put our heads together and decided on a different approach.  Buying so many gifts also meant stretching the budget beyond what was reasonable for anyone.  It also meant lesser quality gifts.  This may change as our families continue to grow  and move about the country (another issue that creates difficulties on everyone getting together).

The adult children and their spouses were all pretty much relieved when we said, "Let's just buy things for the grand kids, and YOU buy things for your own kids, and let's just send a card and NO gift to each other at Christmas time."

Another option I've seen in some families, and we could eventually adopt this plan as kids and grand kids get older, is to simply draw names.  Then we can each concentrate on that one special person at Christmas.  This idea sounds like a lot of fun and the ones I've see do this also set a spending limit on these gifts.

Love receiving these good reviews on the Diamond Bait book.  Just heard from someone in Cincinnati who gave the book to a thirteen year old girl.  They said she "would not put the book down except to eat!"  This gladdens my heart and fulfills my dream of offering something meaningful to others.

Hope all your Christmas shopping is completed and you can relax and bake cookies or read a good book or watch one of those great Hallmark movies that appear on our TV this time of year.


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