Front Page Review can be intimidating : Darla's Journey

Front Page Review can be intimidating

by Darla McCammon on 01/23/16

Editor David Slone of the Times Union gave us a tremendous front page review for which we are extremely grateful.   The numbers spiked tremendously right after that article came out.  Thank you David.

Continuing problems with left eye surgery and too much pressure on that left eye.  This has required way too many trips back to the eye clinic where there is almost always an hour wait to get in to see a doctor.  (A good testimony to the wonderful work they do, but for impatient patients...not so great!)  They have gone overboard to help me, even showing up on Saturday when they are closed to help reduce that eye pressure.   Asking everyone to keep me in your prayers and hope this pressure will drop (it did drop a little yesterday)  and that it will continue to drop until it is back to the normal eye pressure most of us .Thanks everyone for listening to me whine.   It is just so frustrating to have to squint or close one eye to see sufficiently!     My calendar inspired by Sarah Young and her anointed book "Jesus Calling" says for today..."It's all right to be human.  and it ends with "My strength and power show themselves most effective in your weakness."  That is why I think her book has been anointed by always touches me.                                                                                                     

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