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Short and Sweet Blogger: Moving Along

by Darla McCammon on 01/22/18

Do you ever feel as if your life is at a standstill?  That you have tried your hardest to accomplish something and it never seems to happen?  You see other people gaining fame and fortune and it looks as if it just dropped into their lap?  You notice that these "others" often have the good fortune of being sponsored by a wealthy friend, or a famous acquaintance, or sometimes just plain good luck of being in the right place at the right time?  

Does that discourage you?  Well, the truth is, it IS discouraging when you feel your efforts are just as worthy of reward and yet you get passed by.  Sometimes you live in a community where it is not what you know as much as it is who you know that garners success (at least locally).

Yes, that is frustrating.  You open the daily newspaper or social media spot and see people gaining accolades who often do not deserve it.  Petty people are often propelled to the top by virtue of who their parents are, or how popular they were in high school, and it just does not seem fair does it?

We have a few choices when discouragement hits.  We can be jealous and hurt and bitter.  We can make ourselves look small by making jealous and bitter (and often true) comments.  We can retreat into our shell and not try so much to succeed any longer.  We can avoid the ones succeeding (or seeming to succeed--their is a difference).  

You may not believe me, but things really DO catch up with people.  Those undeserved successes will not continue indefinitely.  Truth will eventually ring out (I know...sometimes it seems to take forever...but it does come out).  Honest achievement will eventually be recognized.  Things happen if you are patient and continue to make your best efforts.  Sometimes it just means a new supervisor or boss comes in and recognizes your talent.  It may mean another opportunity or door is offered to you where your talent can shine.  Life may take you in a totally unexpected new direction where you have a very satisfying career...yes, these things do have a way of working themselves out.  

So, rather than allowing yourself to become disgruntled and bitter, just remind yourself, "my turn is coming...I just have to be patient, keep working, and wait for it to show up!.  I also need to remind you that a sovereign God is in control of everything.  He cares about what happens to you.  Trust Him.

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