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Short and Sweet Blogger! Your pet peeve?

by Darla McCammon on 03/11/19

I would love to hear about your pet peeve!  I think we all have something that irritates us to the point we want to force the person to take a class on better behavior and stop the irritation!  Does it drive you to distraction when someone peels their nails down to the quick?  How about the rude driver who speeds past you and then slows down?  Have you ever been bothered by someone who can't speak a sentence without adding 14 "You Knows" between every other word?  "I like, (you know) that new (you know) TV show for the (You know) best dancers?  Doesn't that drive you a little crazy?  What about the blogger who writes 15 pages with every detail about every moment since they got out of bed including their baby girl's not so cute t.o us, learning to go potty?

     I am promising to make this into a "Short and Sweet" blog.  You can check back once a week and find something to laugh about

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