Twas the month before Christmas : Darla's Journey

Twas the month before Christmas

by Darla McCammon on 12/08/15

Sometimes I can be a procrastinator, especially if I see it as a "chore" or a difficult thing to manage--like cleaning and organizing my art room!  OR---cleaning and organizing my writing desk and office.

But I seldom procrastinate on Christmas.  It's FUN!  I love to see the tree go up and I love hanging the ornaments so they have the best effect.  This year we purchased two of the "star shower" devices you've seen on TV.  We have so thoroughly enjoyed the effect on our house and it did not require us to hang any strings of lights!  We just stuck the devices in the ground and projected them toward our house and night it comes on automatically and literally showers your home with multicolored lights from a laser.  The next morning as it grows light outside it turns off! 

I am just a bit behind on Christmas wishes and cards.  Have you noticed how much people have migrated to electronic cards and eliminated the old-fashioned cards and greetings we used to receive by mail?  I did get one card this week and realized how nice it was to hold something tangible in my hands that represented our friendship.  Guess I will stick with mailing this year.


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