Twas the week before Christmas! 12.21.2015 : Darla's Journey

Twas the week before Christmas! 12.21.2015

by Darla McCammon on 12/21/15

Came down with a cough and a cold this week.  Had to miss singing in the choir yesterday.  Our church only has a full choir once a year and I had to miss it.  Normally we have a praise team each week for both services. We were doing a lot of nice new music under the direction of Michele Payton, Music and Worship Arts Director, who also happens to be one of the people to whom I dedicated the book Diamond Bait.

Michele also happens to be one of my 4 daughters, with an artistic career of her own in music. Several CDs to her credit and a great alto voice. She plays flute, keyboard and guitar so she's pretty well rounded in music.

Several positive things happening with the Diamond Bait book too. We will be interviewing with several news outlets within the next two weeks. Still seeing positive comments from people who tell me they "couldn't put the book down." These comments are so gratifying to an author.  Thank you.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and be sure you watch the New Year's Rose Parade. I am sure you will be able to spot my cute little granddaughter who is marching with her school band as one of the honor guard flag bearers! Smile.

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