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When did you have time to write that book?

by Darla McCammon on 01/30/16

I frequently get asked this question because most people who know me know that I already am very busy, serving on at least 4 boards and 2 other committees  simultaneously, including my own board for the Animal Welfare League where I am the Executive Director.  I also write several columns every weekend that appear the following week in several newspapers and on line papers.  In addition to this, I sing on the church praise team, So, yes, when did I have time to write my books? 

I most frequently write very early in the morning for about an hour each day.  I feel very fresh and alert at that time and often come up with concepts and ideas that just seem to flow.  I also have a converter I can plug into my vehicle and while John drives, I can hook up my laptop and type away while we are traveling.  I always write a lot while we are on vacation, and I try to squeeze in even more time on the days I have off work.

You would be surprised how much writing you can accomplish with this piecemeal approach.  It works for me, but it is most fulfilling when I have several days in a row and the house is already clean and I have quiet time all to myself when I can really dedicate myself to writing.  It is a great feeling of accomplishment to see those pages become complete.

Try giving yourself just an hour a day.  You will be thrilled at what you can achieve in that hour if you concentrate on your goal:  a completed book.

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