Darla's Journey

Darla's Journey

Front Page Review can be intimidating

by Darla McCammon on 01/23/16

Editor David Slone of the Times Union gave us a tremendous front page review for which we are extremely grateful.   The numbers spiked tremendously right after that article came out.  Thank you David.

Continuing problems with left eye surgery and too much pressure on that left eye.  This has required way too many trips back to the eye clinic where there is almost always an hour wait to get in to see a doctor.  (A good testimony to the wonderful work they do, but for impatient patients...not so great!)  They have gone overboard to help me, even showing up on Saturday when they are closed to help reduce that eye pressure.   Asking everyone to keep me in your prayers and hope this pressure will drop (it did drop a little yesterday)  and that it will continue to drop until it is back to the normal eye pressure most of us .Thanks everyone for listening to me whine.   It is just so frustrating to have to squint or close one eye to see sufficiently!     My calendar inspired by Sarah Young and her anointed book "Jesus Calling" says for today..."It's all right to be human.  and it ends with "My strength and power show themselves most effective in your weakness."  That is why I think her book has been anointed by God...it always touches me.                                                                                                     

Life goes on but time out needed

by Darla McCammon on 01/12/16

Life goes on for authors and artists as well as for everyone else. Recuperating now from a follow-up eye surgery on the left eye. Had Macular Hole develop in that left eye about a year ago.  Due to not recognizing the need for a doctor's help at first, the first surgery was not done as soon as preferred.  Thus it was done with mixed results. This surgery for which I took that needed time out this week, was a complication I was warned might happen after that first surgery. We will know in about a week how successful this attempt to fix it will be.  Thank you all for your prayers. Like all of you, I value my eyesight a great deal.  It is necessary for both author and art works!


Twas the week before Christmas! 12.21.2015

by Darla McCammon on 12/21/15

Came down with a cough and a cold this week.  Had to miss singing in the choir yesterday.  Our church only has a full choir once a year and I had to miss it.  Normally we have a praise team each week for both services. We were doing a lot of nice new music under the direction of Michele Payton, Music and Worship Arts Director, who also happens to be one of the people to whom I dedicated the book Diamond Bait.

Michele also happens to be one of my 4 daughters, with an artistic career of her own in music. Several CDs to her credit and a great alto voice. She plays flute, keyboard and guitar so she's pretty well rounded in music.

Several positive things happening with the Diamond Bait book too. We will be interviewing with several news outlets within the next two weeks. Still seeing positive comments from people who tell me they "couldn't put the book down." These comments are so gratifying to an author.  Thank you.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and be sure you watch the New Year's Rose Parade. I am sure you will be able to spot my cute little granddaughter who is marching with her school band as one of the honor guard flag bearers! Smile.

December 14, Buying for Too Many

by Darla McCammon on 12/14/15

My family has grown and spread.  Giving everyone a gift became a virtual nightmare to accomplish so we put our heads together and decided on a different approach.  Buying so many gifts also meant stretching the budget beyond what was reasonable for anyone.  It also meant lesser quality gifts.  This may change as our families continue to grow  and move about the country (another issue that creates difficulties on everyone getting together).

The adult children and their spouses were all pretty much relieved when we said, "Let's just buy things for the grand kids, and YOU buy things for your own kids, and let's just send a card and NO gift to each other at Christmas time."

Another option I've seen in some families, and we could eventually adopt this plan as kids and grand kids get older, is to simply draw names.  Then we can each concentrate on that one special person at Christmas.  This idea sounds like a lot of fun and the ones I've see do this also set a spending limit on these gifts.

Love receiving these good reviews on the Diamond Bait book.  Just heard from someone in Cincinnati who gave the book to a thirteen year old girl.  They said she "would not put the book down except to eat!"  This gladdens my heart and fulfills my dream of offering something meaningful to others.

Hope all your Christmas shopping is completed and you can relax and bake cookies or read a good book or watch one of those great Hallmark movies that appear on our TV this time of year.


Twas the month before Christmas

by Darla McCammon on 12/08/15

Sometimes I can be a procrastinator, especially if I see it as a "chore" or a difficult thing to manage--like cleaning and organizing my art room!  OR---cleaning and organizing my writing desk and office.

But I seldom procrastinate on Christmas.  It's FUN!  I love to see the tree go up and I love hanging the ornaments so they have the best effect.  This year we purchased two of the "star shower" devices you've seen on TV.  We have so thoroughly enjoyed the effect on our house and it did not require us to hang any strings of lights!  We just stuck the devices in the ground and projected them toward our house and presto...at night it comes on automatically and literally showers your home with multicolored lights from a laser.  The next morning as it grows light outside it turns off! 

I am just a bit behind on Christmas wishes and cards.  Have you noticed how much people have migrated to electronic cards and eliminated the old-fashioned cards and greetings we used to receive by mail?  I did get one card this week and realized how nice it was to hold something tangible in my hands that represented our friendship.  Guess I will stick with mailing this year.


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