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Darla was born in a tiny home near 22nd Street and Maple Avenue in Terre Haute, Indiana.

"I remember dropping pennies down through the cracks in the wood floor of that house" Darla recalls, "and how upset my mother was that we couldn't retrieve the pennies. That was when a penny had some value. You could go buy 'twofers' which mean two pieces of candy for ONE penny! This is how my life started and how I recognize poverty. I lived in it. That house on Maple Avenue did not have the indoor plumbing we all take for granted today. I also recognize that one can get out of poverty, especially in this country."

Darla shares more about her goals in life when she adds, "I recently participated in a poverty initiative in Kosciusko County because I identify with the needs of those people. I like to think I am a strong Christian and I hope my art and writing reflects those values.I also recognize that there are ways to help people succeed in life, therefore I try to do as much as I can to be of service to others."

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Following her mother's early death from a six year fight with cancer, Darla gratefully received a 4-year National Merit Scholarship to college. She moved to California after college at Indiana State University and began a successful career with her art and writing. She established the Dana Wharf Art show which is still in existence today on the lovely waterfront of Dana Point Marina. She became active in a number of art leagues and was featured in several Southern 

"Indiana was a good place to raise children," she opines, " it was a place that held more firmly to the values I wanted inculcated in my four children, so I returned here."

Today Darla, and her husband John live in a home situated with some acreage on a marsh in rural Kosciusko County. "I glean many of my wildlife studies as well as nature studies for my writing from observing that marsh" she smiles, "and I also praise God every day for the privilege of living here."

About her newest achievement, the publication of her book Diamond Bait, Darla smiles, "I am thrilled to see this work getting published.  West Bow division of Thomas Nelson/Zondervan has bent over backwards to help me with this project. I hope it achieves my goal of reaching people, entertaining them and yet giving them a positive view of our creator and finding a purpose for their own lives." Two more books will soon be available in the North Woods Adventure series. The first The Lobstick Tree takes us once again to Ontario. The second, Angel Bay has a setting both in the U.S. and in the northeast coast of the U.S
Another book is also in the wings for animal lovers.  It will revolve around her eight years as an Executive Director of an animal shelter.  "It has been a difficult, challenging, painful, rewarding, misjudged, roller coaster," she laughs..

Darla is available for speaking engagements about her life, her work and her Christian walk.

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California art galleries as her paintings began to win awards and receive publicity.  She co-authored and published textbooks while in California but eventually returned to her roots in Indiana, settling in the northern lakes area.  She worked as an Account Executive and then a Manager for communications giant, AT&T until she was able to take an early retirement offer from her last position in Chicago.  Within a short time she was able to complete her love affair with "the three A's" as she describes them.  She loves Art, Authoring and Animals.  By becoming the Executive Director of The Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County located between South Bend and Fort Wayne Indiana, she turned to her love of animals but she did not discard her other loves.  Today she writes a weekly column for 8 news outlets and one internet newspaper, continues to publish in periodicals and magazines, remains active in art circles where she continues to win awards, and recently published the first of three fiction novels from her Indiana home. She also has been the Executive Director of the Animal Welfare League for over eight years.  "I love helping homeless pets." She smiles.  She also shares why she returned to her roots in Indiana.

                 Darla McCammon