A dark shadow moved across the water like some primeval pterodactyl shrouding things below in darkness. It first reached long, gloomy tentacles across the end of the logs, then my legs, and then moved on to completely envelop me. The shadow brought with it a chill that caused goose bumps to rise on my arms. A threatening storm cloud encroached upon my craft by moving across the sky, where it obliterated the sun.

The accompanying wind was stronger now, and I could see whitecaps dancing all over the lake. The shoreline was coming closer, perhaps a mile away, as my raft made its clumsy way across the long expanse of water, but the storm behind me was gaining speed and momentum. I could no longer see the island behind me.

I looked back to see in terror that it had disappeared in a gray mist of descending rain. The rain showered down behind me like a curtain of cold gray metallic drops. I could see how that curtain was moving across the water; how it reached out to envelop my world, and how it was heading on a path that would soon intersect with me!

I could do nothing now but hang on, keep the blanket full with my frozen, cramped fingers, and hope I arrived on shore where I could find some shelter before the rains reached me and I became more drenched than I now was from the overspray. I watched in great anxiety as the storm continued to grow in intensity. I could see it—feel it—become more ominous with each passing moment.

New Adventure Novel by   Darla McCammon! Here is the long-awaited excerpt from "Diamond Bait"
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OKAY! I want to read the entire book! How do I order?

Available NOW at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. An e-book version is also available. You may have to type "Darla McCammon" or "Diamond Bait" in the search field if you are not directed to the ordering page.

You can also order directly from West Bow/Zondervan/Thomas Nelson Publishing.  See the links at left for all three.

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"Darla McCammon has woven a survival adventure love story into a page turning
drama, which will keep you pinned to your seat!  So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Lane Anderson, CEO Intercomm, Inc.
Specialists in World Wide AVavengelism 
McCammon was humbled and gratified when she was surprised with The Pete Thorn Award for 2015.  This award is given those who meet many standards including the Rotary criteria of "Service Above Self."  Her many accomplishments, including the release of her book "Diamond Bait" were listed in the recognition speech given by John Hall and leading up to the award.  McCammon was singled out for this award on November 20, 2015.
            McCammon Awarded
              Pete Thorn Award