First, you need a plan.(see sketch above) No art needed, just a rough idea of what you want end product to look like
Here she had four windows and a general idea of what she would like in each.  The longer one in the middle right was a full length door with window..
Use a technique called "
Gridding" to obtain this beautiful stained glass window effect for your holiday decorating.
At left is a close up of the final result on the door!
You will need a lot of colorful tissue that you cut into large, medium and small squares. 
​You will also want several glue sticks depending on how large your window surface is.  
Begin pasting your larger more pastel colored pieces in a random pattern but covering all the glass.  
Overlap them for additional color.
Use large squares first.  Next, begin overlapping and placing smaller more deeply colored pieces to give the overall vibrant effect.  Photo at right.   It looks good even when the light is directly on the window!  But wait till you see it with light BEHIND it!
Now you will want to find a drawing or photo you want to try to duplicate for your window.  This is a Christmas Seasonal scene so she looked for things that would fit the mood she wanted to establish.  You can change and find things for a variety of seasons during the year such as Easter, spring, 
Valentine's day, etc.  Once you have your selection, copy and print it out in black and white on an 8.5 by 11 inch piece of copy paper.  Trim it down if you wish.  You will next begin folding this paper in half, then again, then turn and fold the other direction until you have 12 small squares that are delineated by the folds in the paper.  You can lightly draw along each of these fold lines if you wish to see each square better, but it normally isn't needed as long as you can easily see the creases you made..
Your folded work should look like
the camel you can see to the right.  Next you are going to transfer what you see in each square to your large black poster board sheet.  This will automatically enlarge your design to a bigger size.
Now you want to make the same number of squares on your larger black poster board by folding the same way you did on the smaller piece of copy paper.  On these folds you will want to make a pencil mark to help you see the square better when you begin to draw.
Now you are ready to start drawing the design.  You can see the squares on both pieces so you can see the outline you need to draw on each square of the large black poster board.  Just remember to align what you are doing and concentrate only on the small section you are doing at a time.  It is very easy to draw a few lines in a single square rather than getting overwhelmed with the big design.  You will be amazed at how YOU can create that exact design just by concentrating on one small square at a time!   Just think to yourself:  Does this part of the head start halfway up or two thirds of the way up?  By looking at your original and where it hits the square, you can be very accurate.  What fun!
The photo top left shows you the square folds and the photo just below on the left shows how she was able to copy the shape of the camel starting with the head.
Once your design is on the poster board (see below) you can do a rough cut around the design.
Following the rough cut, you can use an exacto knife (and be sure to use a thick magazine or something similar to prevent cuts on your table!).  The exacto knife allows more detailed cutting and gives a very intricate look to your final piece, see below.
Aren't you proud of you final results?  These silhouettes will be gorgeous!  AND you look like an extraordinary artist.  
Now, glue your silhouettes where you think you will have the best lighting effect.  Look at how outstanding our angel is on top of your tissue stained glass!  The light inside the room shines through and creates a brilliant display.
Three of the final four panels.  This will be available for viewing till Grace College has their Christmas Break.  You are welcome to drop by and see it!
Indiana Hall is located on the right and is the first building as you enter the main campus double drive. Parking in front or in back.  This is on the first floor at the north end.  Hope you get a chance to go see it.  You will enjoy the view!  Darla

Dee Anna Muraski with her lovely creation wishes everyone a wonderful holiday and says, "I hope you enjoy this reminder of the reason for the season!"
Happy Holidays!