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Darla McCammon was in Florida when she received the news that her entry had been selected as the winning art in the Methodist Church Conference Competition.

The graphic designs Darla submitted will be used on brochures, pamphlets, banners and advertising slogans for the conference.

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Darla was on a fishing/art research trip to Alabama's beautiful Smith Lake when she received word that she had won, not one, but TWO awards in the JURIED art show held by Lakeland Art Association!

The competition was fierce and wonderful so Darla was especially pleased to be among the top few selected out of hundreds who had entries in the show.

Darla's winning entries were "Cathedral Moment" a mixed media entry, and "Shovelers in the Shallows" a watercolor of ducks.
Darla Sweeps the AWARDS!
Other News of interest

​This Large, tall painting 24 X 36
​Subject:   Kaylee


​                                               "Kaylee"

​2nd Place Ribbon for this WATERCOLOR
​title:      "Looking Glass Sipper"
​Subject:  16X24 reflected Canada Goose

​1st Place Blue Ribbon for PENCIL DRAWINGS
​     title:  "Indiana Morel"
​      Subject:  8 X 12 pencil of Indiana Morel
                    Morel mushroom in forest

​                                            "Indiana Morel"

​1st Place Blue Ribbon MIXED MEDIA
title:   "Lovely Lunenburg
          10 X 14 pen & Ink with watercolor
           of waterfront village Lunenburg
           located in the Canadian Maritimes

1st Place Blue Ribbon for DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY
          title:          "Summer Light"
          subject:      Digitally manipulated and artist
                            enhanced photo of Nova Scotia
                            lighthouse in summer.

"Looking Glass Sipper"
"Lovely Lunenburg".
"Indiana Morel".
"Summer Light"
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DARLA WINS SECOND Christmas Card Competition 
Darla's watercolor, "Vintage Village" was featured as the Christmas Card sent out to thousands of Lake City Bank customers in 2007.
"Pete and Tweet".
This wonderful watercolor painting by Darla was featured early this year in a poverty initiative exhibit in Northern Indiana. Darla describes it this way: "Pete is an impoverished old gentleman who, except for the bright splash of red handkerchief in his pocket almost disappears from our view. Darla says about this work, "Many of the poor in our communities are like this--ignored. Only the vivid little bird 'tweet' even notices Pete's presence. There are many kinds of poverty in our world, but we often choose not to recognize that which most closely touches our own lives because that might mean we need to get involved. I hope this painting increases our awareness of that fact."
Darla's oil painting titled "Kaylee" was on exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. This painting also recently won FIRST place in another competition. See the painting below.
Darla's painting titled "Grandma's Quilting Again", a wonderful acrylic painting won SECOND place in The Spring Juried Art Show at Lakeland Art Gallery against over 100 entries.
"Grandma's Quilting Again"
Darla's painting "End of Summer" is on the May cover of GLO magazine!
Darla is very privileged this work was selected for the magazine.  Pick it up at your newsstand!  Inside is a page about Darla, her work and information about her new book "Diamond Bait" you will want to read!
Darla has authored a popular column titled "Art in Action" for over ten years.  It appears in many news media outlets as well as an on-line newspaper.  Beginning this year, Darla will begin to offer the column for her readers through this website.
Past issues will also be archived so you may scroll through and read any of interest to you.    Please click here to find the current and archived issues. Other news is below
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